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Apple’s iPhone 12 event on October 13,here full detailed

Apple iPhone 12 Event: In 13 October 2020, Apple will be hosting its second fall event on Apple Park's new campus in Cape Cartino, California.

Apple’s iPhone 12 event

On Tuesday, Apple will hold the second fall event of the year. Apple usually introduces a new iPhone every year at the September event, but the iPhone was missing at the company event on September 15th. The event has a moving focus on the new iPad Air and Apple Watch series.

Now Apple is hosting an event on October 13, which is happening tomorrow, labeled "High, Speed". The event starts at 10:30 pm. As usual, the invitation does not mention the iPhone 12 anywhere, but we bet the company will introduce the new iPhone at a high-profile event. 

But the iPhone 12 will be one of the products that Apple plans to announce on Tuesday. Reports indicate that Apple may also announce "AirTags", a Bluetooth tracker as a tablet, a new smart homepod speaker, an expanded Apple TV transmission box and headphones during the year on October 13th.

Here's what you can expect based on the latest reports and rumors circulating over the months.

Four new iPhone 12 models

Apple on Tuesday unveiled 12 new iPhone models, ranging in size from size. from 5.4-inches to 6.7-inches.The flat body of the phone speaks to another design, such as the iPad Pro. All four models are expected to come with an LED display as well as 5G, though not every new iPhone will support the Millimeter Wave band. The phones certainly feature Apple's new high-performance A14 processor and an updated camera. However, in the case of the Pro models, they will also receive a leading sensor that can further immerse augmented reality (AR) experiences. The iPhone 12 series will start at $6,699 and is expected to reach $1099 for the top model.

Apple's next smart speaker is priced at just $99. Rumor has it that Apple is about to launch a smaller version of the homepod at the October 13 event ge is said to be this mini homepod with the same design will be half the size of original. The Syria-based smart speaker will come out against Google's recently launched Nest Audio, which costs  $99 in the market.


Another high-profile tracking device expected to launch tomorrow is a location-based tracking device. Labels are believed to be popular devices for tracking locations similar to tiles. These can be attached to your wrench, purse or backpack and you can always find it. Although there are many NFC-based tracking devices on the market, Airtags will integrate deeply with iOS.

Studio AirPods

Apple is also expected to introduce its first over-the-ear headphones. Known in the news as AirPods Studio, these in-ear headphones will eliminate head and neck detection, equalization personalization settings as well as active noise sensation. It is rumored that Apple will launch AirPods Studio in two styles: a deluxe version that can cost more than $600 and a standard model for fitness fanatics. Gradually the model will be reported for $349. AirPods Studio will be compatible with a modular model.

New box for Apple TV broadcast

Apple will probably announce all new Apple TV transmission boxes. The upcoming Apple TV could bring an upgraded Siri remote control with a new processor. The new Apple TV was expected for months. Given the current generation, Apple TV 4K will launch at $179, the same price is expected for the new model.

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