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On Thursday No cinema halls to open in Northeast

Movie theaters, distributors and content providers said cinemas will have to wait a few more days to see the films as no official announcement has yet been issued by the sites regarding this.

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Northeastern theaters will not open their doors on Thursday because states have not issued any instructions on the matter even after the centers allowed the screening of films.

Cinemas, distributors and content providers said cinemas will have to wait a few more days to see these theaters as countries in the region have not yet issued official announcements.

All northeastern states except Manipur have commercial cinemas with numerous complexes.

"We have not get any announcement or assurance from the government to open the theater halls. We have not received any program anywhere," PTI told Siddhartha Goenka of Goenka Enterprise, the largest cinema distributor in the Northeast.

He added that according to information received from the states, tomorrow, Thursday, cinemas will not open anywhere in the entire region.

"Even if the announcement comes out tomorrow, Friday, it will take a few more days for the theaters to reopen," Goenka said.

UFO Movies India director Sourav Dutt said the general manager (sales and distribution) said the company had only received orders from the Center but nothing from the Assam government.

"So we have not supply any cinemas for any of the theater halls even though 10-12 complexes are open until Thursday. It will take a few more days on separate screens to monitor the situation and the reaction of the spectators."

Carnival Cinema Director Simanta Saikia confirmed that he had not received any notification from the Assam state government to allow the halls to open and had not sent any pictures to any content suppliers.

"there will be an event on Thursday. But we have done the cleaning and disinfection process. Closing the theaters for about seven months was a big undertaking. We called in about 80 percent of the staff for preparatory work."

Theaters across the country had to close their doors in March due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting closure.

In its "unlock" guidelines issued September 30, the interior ministry allowed the films to reopen up to 50 per seat of their capacity from October 15, but left it to the states to make the final decision on whether to allow them.

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