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The list of 39 new railway trains which start soon

Most trains belong to the AC Express, Duronto, Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express classes.

Railway news

The government has not yet announced a date for the additional trains

Today, the Railway Board has approved areas for 39 additional special trains. The Ministry of Railways has said that these services will be provided as special services from a reasonable start time.

Most trains belong to the classes AC Express, Durant, Rajdhani and Shatabdi. The government has not yet announced a date for the additional trains.

Meanwhile, the Sultan Sultan University Railway Catering and Tourism Limited (IRCTC) of the Ministry of Railways announced today the re-launch of the Tejas Express train to meet the growing passenger demand due to the holiday season.

The list of 39 new railway trains :

Loymanya Tilak (T) to Haridwar - Biweekly

Loymanya Tilak (T) to Lucknow - Weekly

Ajni to Pune - Weekly

Nagpur to Amritsar -Weekly

Kamakhya to Loymanya Tilak - Weekly

Kamakhya to Yesvantpur - Weekly

Nizamuddin to Pune - Weekly

Anand Vihar to Naharlagun - Weekly

New Delhi to Katra - Daily

Barmer to Yesvantpur - Weekly

Secundrabad to Shalimar -Weekly

Ligampalli to Kakinada town - Tri-weekly

Secundrabad to Vizag - Weekly

Santragachi to Chennai - Biweekly

Howrah to Yesvantpur - Weekly

Chennai to Madurai - Tri-weekly

Bandra (T) to Bhuj - Tri-weekly

Bhubaneswar to Anand Vihar-Weekly

Bhubaneswar to Delhi-Weekly

Nizamuddin to Pune - Biweekly

Howrah to Pune - Biweekly

Chennai to Nizamuddin - Biweekly

Dibrugarh to New Delhi - Weekly

Dibrugarh to New Delhi Bi-weekly

Mumbai Central to Nizamuddin - Daily

Bandra to Nizamuddin - Weekly

Bengaluru to Chennai - Except Tuesday

Mumbai Centra to Ahmedabad - Except Sunday

Chennai to Coimbatore - Except Tuesday

New Delhi to Habibganj - Daily

New Delhi to Amritsar - Daily

New Delhi to Dehradun - Daily

New Delhi to Amritsar - Except Thursday

Howrah to Ranchi - Except Sunday

New Delhi to Shri Mata Viashno Devi Katra - Except Tuesday

Jaipur to Delhi Sari Rohilla - Daily

Ahmedabad to Mumbai Central - Except Sunday

Chennai to Bengaluru - Daily

Visakhapatnam to Tirupathi - Tri-weekly

Lucknow-New Delhi and Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express trains have been suspended since March 19 due to the coronavirus epidemic. Both trains are expected to resume operation on October 17th. 

IRCTC has conducted an extensive training program to educate and train their Tejas train team to operate and provide services under the "new routine" in the Covid-1p epidemic. System A standard operating system has been released that monitors the Covid-19 protocol to ensure passenger safety.

In addition, to meet the growing demand for trains, Indian Railways has decided to restore the previous system of preparing second booking schemes by 10 October. The system has been suspended for the past few months due to the effects of this new coronavirus epidemic.

At preferred times, second booking trains are prepared within 30 minutes to 5 minutes prior to departure schedule / reset. Tickets already booked during this period were allowed to be canceled in accordance with the provisions of the return rules.

However, due to the epidemic, instructions have been issued to convert the time of preparation of the second booking scheme to two hours before the train departure or restructuring schedule.

Now, the Ministry of Railways has decided that the second booking scheme should be prepared at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.

Accordingly, ticket equipment will be available online (via the IRCTC website) and at PRS ticket counters, before the second schedule is prepared.

Railways have suspended all passenger train services since March 25 due to a nationwide blockage. However, it has resumed service at the same time via private work trains to help stranded migrant workers reach their countries of origin from 1 May.

Later, 230 private trains were launched across the country, followed by another 80 private trains as of September 12th. Additional trains have been announced taking into account COVID-19, as well as to allow reverse migration of workers to urban areas for work, Unlock 4.0 is entering the country

The national carrier has recently started operating clone trains within its network. In a starting a total of 40 trains will run on the Indian Rail network which has seen high demand for passenger traffic.

The main advantage of cloned trains is that these trains will have fewer stops and will also move at a higher speed than the original train.

Cloned trains come as an incentive for rail passengers and introducing cloned trains can reduce the problem of not getting tickets on congested roads.

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