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Ahmedabad student became a recent programmer and entered Guinness Book of Records

Software engineer Arham Talasania Om Telesiania said her son was interested in programming and taught the basics of programming.

Ahmedabad student became a recent programmer and entered Guinness Book of Records

Arhamhas passed the Microsoft Certification Test at the Pearson VUE Test Center around Talsania.

Ahmedabad: A six-year-old boy from Ahmadinejad entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's smallest computer programmer.

Second grade student Arham M. Talissania passed the Microsoft Certificate Examination at the Pearson VUE Test Center.

"My father taught me how to code. I started using tablets when I was three years old. I bought iOS and Windows devices at the age of three. I later found out that my father was working on Python.

He said. "When I finished Python, I played small games, they asked me to send them a certificate of their work, a few months later they confirmed me և I received a Guinness World Record certificate.

Thailand dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, helping everyone.

"I want to be an entrepreneur, to help everyone. I want to create programs, games coding systems. "I also want to help the needy," he said.

The father of Arham Talisania, a software engineer, said his son, Telesiania, had taught him the basics of programming because he was interested in programming.

"He was very young and he needed hardware. He played games on tablets. He solved puzzles. When he wanted to play video games, he thought about creating them. See how I do code-making."

He added: 'I taught the basics of programming and started making their own little games. It is also recognized as a Microsoft technology partner. We applied to Guinness Book of Records. '

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