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The distributor escapes with the iPhone 12 Pro Max unit, which is valued at 18,000 rupees

The man who had to hand over iPhone 12 Pro Max 14 units defaulted and won to spend the quick cash he got.

The distributor escapes with the iPhone 12 Pro Max unit, which is valued at 18 Lakh rupees


IPhone moment iPhone 12 Pro Max is once again the center of great theft.

IPhone 12 Pro Max 14 units were stolen by a dealer in China.

City officials arrested the man later and arrested the robbery units.

If a lot of people love iPhone. Apple's most valuable product, the iPhone, is not only appreciated for the campaign among its friends, but also for the high price associated with the iPhone. This is why people should be surprised when they try to take over their iPhone. For example: A Chinese man who stole an iPhone 12 Pro Max 14 unit, valued at Rs 18 Lakh, will have to sell some of it for at least a short time in order to have an elegant life. Then the man finished the fun walk and was caught red.

A Chinese distributor named Tang has been assigned to an authorized dealer in Guangzhou, Guizhou Province to deliver the iPhone 12 Pro Max 14 unit to a trading company called Mituan-Dianping. Delivery was ordered on November 14, according to Chinese publication MyDrivers. After receiving iPhone 12 Pro Max 14 units, Tang publicly canceled these orders and offered RMB 10 for not doing the job. But the biggest shock came when he didn't return iPhone 12 Pro Max units to the store.

Instead, Tang hooked them up with this unit, for a total value of around 1,80,000 CNY, which is about 18 lakhs. After the theft, he was not reached for comment on the store manager and the contact person with the distribution distributor. But the man quickly removed it, sold a few units of iPhone 12 Pro Max, and immediately thanked him for his courage in buying the money.

According to the report, Tang opened a box to use the iPhone 12 Pro Max, gave it to his friend to pay off his debts, another pledged 9,500 CNY in a pawnshop, and sold a fourth to a mobile phone seller for 7,000 CNY less. The original price per iPhone 12 Pro Max has been reported 1,000. Negotiating with two units of iPhone, Tang spent the purchase proceeds. Like the man who won the lottery, Tang rented a BMW to travel 600 rupay every day. He also bought himself expensive new clothes.

But the excitement was short-lived. Local police seized the four units from their four locations. The politician took the remaining units of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there were ten and removed the leg. The Apple Store Paul has now banned people from the network and is offering the same list to others in the same industry. Of course, Tang would have to face legal charges under the Land Law.

This is one of the latest developments on the Apple iPhone. People have done some incomprehensible things to get a new iPhone because they wanted to show it off or get rich right away.

Earlier, a Chinese boy was arrested when several iPhone X units tried to smuggle him from Hong Kong due to price differences of iPhones between the two countries. A similar incident happened in Spain when five Amazon employees tried to steal an iPhone from stock, but were later caught red-handed. The total value of this iPhone was around $ 500,000 (roughly Rs 3.71 crore).

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