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Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is suspected of his disappearance


Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is suspected of his disappearance

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New Delhi: Chinese organizers launched Operation

Ant group billionaire Jack Ma has been reported missing. Jack Ma has not been shown to the public in two months. When the African business hero was unable to emerge as a judge in the final part of his show, speculation intensified about his whereabouts.

The bright co-founders of Alibaba and Ant Group have not been in the public eye since Ant's first public offering was discontinued in November. The government advised him not to leave the country.

The campaign against Alibaba and its allies intensified after Mane's public attack on the Chinese regulator.

He was accused of reforming the economic and regulatory system in China. He called for a revival of technology-based provision of financial services to as many small companies and individuals as possible.

China is taking strict measures against competitive behavior in the country's fast-growing Internet sector. Last week, the regulator announced a fraud investigation into Ant's sister company, Alibaba, and required Ant to write off its debt and other consumer financing activities.

They also consider Ant's investments over the years, the basis for these deals, and the coordination between them.

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