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Cow urine can cure skin conditions, diseases, psoriasis from the Modi government research

Cow urine can cure skin conditions, diseases, psoriasis from the Modi government research

The Kamadhenu Life National Handbook is part of the curriculum for the first Cow Science presentation test, conducted online to students and the general public.

Bovine India Authority, New Delhi: Said that Panchawa's products - cow's milk and its derivatives, as well as cow urine and manure, can be consumed in diseases such as psoriasis, skin diseases, eczema, rheumatism, infections and leprosy.

The commission, known as Kamadhenuyoga (RKA), is affiliated with the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. Founded in 201, with the aim of protecting, raising, protecting and developing cows, and providing for their offspring, it was charged with managing animal development programs.

RKA's most recent guidelines for treating diseases were developed as part of the "reference materials" for the first Cow Science Enhancement Exam, which will be held on February 2 and for school and college students across the country, as well as the general public.

According to the 54-page document, "cow urine" or cow urine plays a preventive role in medications such as phlegm, abdominal disease, eye disease, bladder disease, arthritis, respiratory disease, infections, and liver disease. There is detailed information on how to consume Panchagavya for health maintenance.

“Anyone who takes Panchgavya on a daily basis can maintain their health and heart. Terrible diseases such as psoriasis, ie a skin disorder, eczema, and split wounds heal very quickly with pancreatic acceptance,” Read the article written by the examination.

“Anyone can start accepting Panchagavya as follows. Mixing 50ml to 60ml of panchagavya in a cup of water, fruit juice, or coconut water can keep everyone away from any illness.

RKA President Vallabhbhai Kathiria said that if the test is optional, RKA has sent a written statement to all provincial prime ministers and education ministers.

The committee said it collected many of the reference materials used for the exam. It was compiled using the information of many experts and more information will be added in the coming days.

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