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Master Film Review: Five Tasks of Vijay's Last Film

Master Film Review: Five Tasks of Vijay's Last Film

It was a great victory and Vijay Sithupati put in a lot of effort, but it makes the scenario difficult for them.

After all the noise, delay and drama, here is: Tamil Cinema's first big-budget performance after the pandemic. Tamil Nadu and Indian theaters have already welcomed Master Lukesh Cangaraj on screen. Hopefully, thriller Vijay-Sethupati will revive his post-accident work in 2020. Without further ado, there are five pillars for early selection. 

As a result, Vijay drew in Sithupati

When was the last time a competitor appeared on the victory screen? You have to go back to Thapki's electrical plug and thankfully VJS will fill the gap in the master long ago. Sethupathi's life - to play in the usual and exaggerated casual version - is to face the hero, giving him the comfort and playful banners he often needs. While the star deserves a really good dialogue, it takes a lot of time to establish a personal root for the character and intention that the director credits.

Hook, Line and Well - Aniroda owns the film

Master is one of the best budget Tamil films in recent memories, and Aniruddha Ravichandran should disappear by all definitions. Most of the songs on the album are already at the top of the charts, but Aniruddha's background is a real winner with heavy themes that increase the film's numerous sequences and slow motion moments.

The scene, which is a modified version of the Kabaddi theme of Vidyasagar Street, brings it completely home. If you've seen the latest promotions released by the main team, you know there's something special about it.

Lokesh Kangraj is in fan mode, but the scenario is disappointing

Vijay easily takes the film on his shoulders and allows Lokesh to play the show to honor some of the success even before the star. However, the irony of the script is the very loud sound of Managaram and Cathy's electrically connected script, which makes the director's previous two works very clear.

Vijay and Lokesh Kangaraj on the set of "Master"

The relatively simple three-hour story required more detail and more detail ... and definitely two or three generations. It takes a little struggle (albeit a good choreographer) to dispel the hatred that a "collective hero" like Luke's predecessors has fallen into.

Arjun Das stars in a scattered support staff With Lokesh's second film, Cathy's villain enters the major leagues and is influenced by piercing scenes and the now famous baritone voice. Nassar, Chantano, Gauri, Andrea Jeremy (most of the rest ... Iram, "Action") and many others, though not Malvika Mohanan, played the role of Blamp-and-Miss. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

The film has an incredible package: Poovayar Super Singer Junior Famed Until we enter politics, victory gives us a clear answer

A few months ago, the controversy began again with the intention of the actress to enter politics in the near future when she became the father of Vijay S.A. Chandrasekhar registered the party in November. Vijay Thalapathi from All India Vijay Makkal Ayyakkam was faster than him and at the same time made it clear to his fans that he had nothing to do directly or indirectly with this political dress.

Although the master does not boast of any political views (unlike the government), the actor has a strong answer to the question of lies, as well as a strong message to all his young fans: curbing alcohol and drugs. .

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