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The Chief Minister of Maharashtra was blown away by the statements made by the political leaders of Karnataka on the border issue


The Chief Minister of Maharashtra was blown away by the statements made by the political leaders of Karnataka on the border issue

BENGALURU: Protests erupted in some parts of Karnataka at the Belaghavi headquarters on Monday in protest of Maharashtra Chief Minister Odhav Thackeray over the sensitive border issue. Political leaders who cross the party line strongly criticize Thackeray.

Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. "There is no doubt that even one centimeter of Karnataka land has been given to Maharashtra," Yaduraba told reporters on Monday. Giving statistics only for political reasons should be stopped.

"I am saddened by the statement of the Prime Minister of Maharashtra which may disturb the present harmonious atmosphere. As an expectant Indian, I expect from Sherri Udhav Thackeray to follow the principles of organization through letter and spirit, 'said Yaduraba. He said in a tweet.

On Sunday, Thackeray said his government was committed to taking over the Marathi-speaking state of Karnataka.

The Prime Minister's Office said in a tweet that it was a "true honor" for the martyrs in the case.

For language reasons, Maharashtra claims to be Belaghavi (formerly Belgaum) and some other parts of present-day Karnataka, which were part of the former President of Mumbai.

Maharashtra Ikikaran Samiti is a regional organization which is fighting for the establishment of Pelogai and some border areas including Maharashtra. In 66 who considered the day of martyrdom by sacrificing their lives.

"Bringing the Marathi and cultural language area occupied by the state of Karnataka to Maharashtra would be a real tribute to those who have accepted martyrdom in the border struggle. We are united and committed to it. With this assurance, pay attention to the martyrs," the marketing official said,Chirp

Some parts of Karnataka, including Belagavi, Karwar and Nippani, claim that the majority of the people in the area speak Marathi.

On Monday, pro-Kannada organizations staged protests in some parts of the state and burnt Thackeray's statue.

Some pro-Marathi activists led by local elements in Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Ikikaran Samiti organized "Hutatma Din" at Pelagafi on Sunday.

They demand the merger of Belaghavi, Karwar, Nebani, Bidar and Balki in Maharashtra.

Thackeray's statement was made by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Yeddyurappa along with his colleagues and

BJP MPs were present at Pelaghavi on the Maharashtra border to commemorate the victory of BJP supporters in the Panchayat elections in the last elections.

Yeddyurappa added on Monday that Marathi people were living together in Kannada in Karnataka.

Kannada people living in the border areas of Maharashtra also interact with the Marathi people there.

The Karnataka minister condemned Thackeray's statement, saying it could disrupt peace and harmony among the people.

Former Prime Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah tweeted to Thackeray: "Pelagafi is an integral part of Karnataka. Don't try to provoke us by focusing on an issue that has already been resolved."

Siddaram Thackeray warned against politicizing the already decided case. He reminded that he is not only an activist of Shiv Sena but also a responsible Prime Minister of the state.

JDS leader and former prime minister HD Kumaraswamy Thackeray criticized, "When you look at his tweet, it seems to be a statement made by a terrorist."

In his tweet, Kumaraswamy compared Thackeray's statement to China's expansion.

Kumaraswamy said in a statement that Odhav Thackeray's irresponsible statement that "Karnataka-occupied lands will be annexed to Maharashtra" seems to be Chinese expansionism. Harmony between nations created in the field of language will be a threat, he said.

Thackeray's statement was protested by Deputy Prime Minister Laxman Safadi, Home Minister Basfaraz Bhumaya and many others.

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