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WhatsApp says that if you do not use these two optional features, it will not affect your privacy.

WhatsApp has issued a statement stating that if you do not use the two optional features, it will not affect your privacy.

WhatsApp says that if you do not use these two optional features, it will not affect your privacy.

The application recently announced that it has updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy since February 8th.

WhatsApp later faced a backlash, urging people to use WhatsApp options such as Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp recently announced that it will update its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy from February 8, 2021. After receiving a lot of feedback from users due to privacy issues, Facebook's messaging app has made a statement that if you don't use these two features, it won't affect your privacy. Two choices.

In the questions section, WhatsApp states that the new privacy policy does not affect the privacy of your messages with your friends and family. According to the company, the update will only affect messages sent to the WhatsApp business account, which will add an optional feature.

WhatsApp and Facebook cannot view your private messages

WhatsApp says it provides encrypted personal messages for all users, and neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your messages or listen to your calls with friends and family.

He added that he did not accept the user's messages and call logs as a "threat to privacy and security."

WhatsApp does not share your contacts

WhatsApp added that it does not share your contacts with other Facebook applications. The contact is used to send messages from the application quickly.

What will WhatsApp share on Facebook?

He says he will share information about how you interact with companies in the WhatsApp application. The company also said that in the near future it will allow companies to use Facebook hosting services to manage user interactions. WhatsApp says it will add rankings to companies that use Facebook's hosting services.

WhatsApp can use the Facebook Store platform to display business account products on WhatsApp. If you shop from companies that use the store platform, your shopping activity information will be shared with Facebook and used to display ads on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, Facebook will soon allow you to send messages to companies using WhatsApp using a button on the platform. When you send a message to a company on WhatsApp, Facebook will be able to use this information to show you similar ads on your platform.

What does it mean?

While Facebook doesn't show your personal conversations with friends and family, it will use conversations with your companies to show more of your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other company platforms.

This means that if your personal information remains secure, your messages with companies will soon be shared with Facebook.

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